Move + Meditate With Me + Kait Hurley

Kait and I randomly connected a few months ago via Instagram and started emailing. Our first phone call was over an hour long. She has a warm, happy and encouraging energy - qualities that aren’t usually “there” when you’ve never met someone, yet have a verbal relationship with. Instagram is weird like that, it’s low key like online dating for friends. Anyways, we talked about our upbringing, life challenges, goals, and interests and a friendship was born. There’s not many people I would be in a workout video for. Something I still struggle with is major self consciousness about my lower half (after breaking my hip over 15 years ago while figure skating and then having it replaced in 2014) - I often cringe when watching videos of myself, and sometimes even pictures. Although I love to workout, I know certain things look funny because of my form and limitations which leads to a lot of doubt, and just like, mean thoughts. Kait’s go to phrase is “rock what you got” which I love because we waste so much time wishing body parts could be different instead of just being f*cking grateful that we have them at all, or that they even function. Modification and not caring about looks is KEY. We are all different - just enjoy!

Mom life is non stop and sometimes committing to working out for an hour feels daunting . Luckily, Kait’s classes will kick your ass in 30 min. I’m flattered and thankful to be apart of this!

If you love this class and want more like it, join Kait’s 14-day free trial and unlock more classes on her app and website. She even has a 4-week Summer Reset Challenge kicking off on Monday, May 6th that’s available for us all summer long. It’s designed to help you step into more body trust, tap into your inner strength, and settle into the aliveness of now. Get started here.

Samantha Eason