Top Five Ceramists


One of my homeschooling activities as a young girl was pottery (thanks mom!) and later when I got to college I took a ceramics class. I was NOT good but it’s so fun. A labor of love. I have much appreciation for artists who make such creative pieces. Mugs are my favorite souvenir to bring home when I travel (besides tattoos because you can’t lose them and they don’t break), and make for great gifts… yay for giving shit you can actually use!

Wolf Ceramics - I have two of the Cerulean Blue Cups - the pop of color is stunning (these double as decor for open shelving!). I always get compliments when I serve coffee in them and the size makes for the perfect ratio of a long shot of espresso + frothed milk. Some of the most affordable yet interesting pottery I’ve found. Handmade in Portland, Oregon.

Sarah Kersten Studio - I found Sarah through my friend Jessie May . I have two small bowls and two salad bowls (one in quail egg and one in straw). Her work is beautiful, durable, and unique.

Ursula Basinger - I recently broke one of my favorite mugs and then spotted these on @thejoshuatreehouse (HOME INSPO CITY). I ordered one immediately and look forward to sipping my coffee from it every morning.

East Fork - These guys popped up on my explore page one day and life was forever changed. Their pieces come in fun colors and don’t break the bank! I have an assortment of plates and bowls.

Alexandria Cummings Ceramics - The first “fun” mug I ever ordered online was from Alexandria. Her stuff is cool, period. Daydream Surf Shop in Newport Beach, CA sells a bunch of her mugs if you’re ever in the area.


Gjusta Goods - I wanted to buy everything in this store when I went to CA last! I love how clean and minimal the plates are. I have one small plate and eating things on it makes me happy.

LRNCE - The mug pictured above with the zig zag design on it is from LRNCE. Purchased at a shop in Lido Marina Village earlier this year.


Hanselmann Pottery - The Thumb cup. Looks cool, feels cool.

* I hand wash all my ceramics with a non toxic bamboo brush & non toxic dish soap *

FAQ: Glass Weck Jars pictured above are from Amazon and the wooden bowl was a gift!

Ursula Basinger

Ursula Basinger

Samantha Eason